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Dear Mom,

This is going to be an “I told you so moment,” so please don’t rub it in like I know you want to!

Thanks for letting me be me when I was growing up. I know there were some seriously cringe-worthy outfit choices I made. You always had my back no matter how ridiculous I looked!

Thank you for teaching me independence and patience. Those qualities have mostly served me very well over the years. Let’s not go into details about the time I decided I wanted “wispy” bangs in 5th grade… (even though the patience part definitely came in handy then!)

Mostly, I want to thank you for being my friend and a sounding board, and always being there for me (even when we were in the teenage-door-slamming-days… examples not necessary)!

I’m a better Mom and person because of you.

Your daughter, Alyssa (or, “Alyssa Roeder Hunt, Inc!” when you’re mad”)

As a way of saying Thanks to ALL Mom’s, I’ll be announcing a new project in the upcoming weeks. STAY TUNED!


I like my client’s holiday photos to be a surprise. I think they should be the first to share them. Now that the big rush is over I want to show you all the work I was busy with this Fall.

I’ll start with this darling family that happened to be my very last session before Christmas. The kids were so well behaved. They did a great job listening and we were able to get some darling images that will be forever cherished.

Grand Rapids Photo StudioGrand Rapids Photo StudioGrand Rapids Photo StudioGrand Rapids Photo StudioGrand Rapids Photo Studio

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