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Dear Mom,

This is going to be an “I told you so moment,” so please don’t rub it in like I know you want to!

Thanks for letting me be me when I was growing up. I know there were some seriously cringe-worthy outfit choices I made. You always had my back no matter how ridiculous I looked!

Thank you for teaching me independence and patience. Those qualities have mostly served me very well over the years. Let’s not go into details about the time I decided I wanted “wispy” bangs in 5th grade… (even though the patience part definitely came in handy then!)

Mostly, I want to thank you for being my friend and a sounding board, and always being there for me (even when we were in the teenage-door-slamming-days… examples not necessary)!

I’m a better Mom and person because of you.

Your daughter, Alyssa (or, “Alyssa Roeder Hunt, Inc!” when you’re mad”)

As a way of saying Thanks to ALL Mom’s, I’ll be announcing a new project in the upcoming weeks. STAY TUNED!

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